Our Story

(Ag)+(Au) Clothing: a little wanderlust, a little rockstar, and absolutely in love with life!


(Ag)+(Au) was born on a beautiful island off the West Coast of Canada, called Vancouver Island. A magical place where the mountains and the oceans meet, where you can surf and ski in the same day, and where we (almost) never get snow - but we do get our fair share of rain.  

(Ag)+(Au) Clothing is designed and owned by Kaitlin Martin, a self-proclaimed opportunistic vegetarian with tendencies towards wandering aimlessly and open-mouth, head-thrown-back laughing.  

Kaitlin grew up in a small town on the coast of B.C., with a family history in the logging industry. She has always been inspired by the idea of using renewable resources to create beautiful things, and the different ways that humans have been creating incredible art out of nothing but their natural surroundings, for millennia.  

Somewhere along the line, fashion came into her consciousness, and Kaitlin found herself in New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology for design.  After spending some years in New York, Milan, and San Francisco (of course with a few years of wandering thrown in for good measure) Kaitlin headed back to her little town on the coast. 

After many years of research and many more years of building up enough courage, Kaitlin launched (Ag)+(Au) in the Spring of 2016.  

Kaitlin believes strongly in slow fashion and the ethos of "do no harm". She works hard to create a collection that is beautiful without being harmful to the planet or any creatures on it, and to educate her clientele about the importance of conscious consuming.  She believes in our collective power to change the world by voting with our dollar, and that supporting our local economy should be at the forefront of our consumer habits. 

That's me!

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I'm gonna go out dancing, every night,
I'm gonna see all the city lights.
I'll do everything, Silver and Gold,
Got to hurry up before I grow to old.
I'm gonna take a trip,
Around the world
I'm gonna kiss all the pretty girls,
Gonna do everything, Silver and Gold
Got to hurry up before I grow to old.

- Joe Strummer