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About Us

(Ag)+(Au) creates small run, versatile pieces that are designed to be mixed and matched with the rest of your wardrobe. We call them "beyond basics".  Simple, elegant shapes with a twist that can be worn casual or dressy, sporty or serious.  Though we started with a focus on womenswear, with each new piece we are working to create a more inclusive, gender-neutral collection that can be worn by everyone. 

We're committed to sustainable fabrics and responsible factories. Our product is made right here in B.C. or in a women-run ethical facility in Phenom Penh, Cambodia called FairSew. You can check their website out here, or even visit them yourself the next time you are in Cambodia! They operate on an open-door policy - nothing to hide, just happy workers and a lot of plants. It's a pretty cool operation if we do say so ourselves, and we are beyond excited to be working with them. 

Our fabric is either deadstock (leftover fabric that we save from the landfill and give a new life) or sustainable (primarily Organic Tencel, which is made from sustainably harvested wood pulp - SO COOL). We don't use polyesters, nylons or any fossil-fuel based products - even recycled polys.  Plastics take hundreds of years to break down in a landfill, they shed microplastics into waterways when washed and worst of all, they feel gross and leech chemicals into your skin, which is super scary.

Here at (Ag)+(Au) we believe it's our responsibility as a business to leave as little footprint on the planet as possible, and we bring this idea into every decision we make - even the small stuff. Our buttons are made of tagua nut instead of plastic, our labels and care-tags are printed on organic cotton with low-impact dyes. We use recycled paper for our hang-tags and ship our products in boxes made of recycled materials. When possible, we source our packing materials, notions and labels from Canadian companies, trying to stay as local as possible. We understand that every aspect of our supply chain has an impact on people + the planet, and we strive to be more responsible and sustainable with each new piece. 
Kaitlin studied fashion design at F.I.T. in New York before returning to her hometown of Victoria B.C. and starting (Ag)+(Au) Clothing. Kaitlin is driven by a responsibility to use her skills and her knowledge to change peoples minds about sustainable fashion. It doesn't have to be all browns and greens and scratchy hemp fabrics - sustainable fashion can be sleek and high-end and can still make you feel like an absolute rockstar, while feeling good about where your clothing comes from!
Kaitlin is passionate about low-waste lifestyles and teaching others about the fashion industry in a non-threatening and accessible way. She is always up for a good debate about fashion and the environment!