Seasonless Fashion for All Seasons

Now that it's winter, I've been mucking around in my favourite boots a LOT.  And it's got me thinking about seasonless fashion, and what it really means to wear your favorite pieces year round....

I designed the (Ag)+(Au) Collection to be lived in - and I really mean it!  We are busy women, we are ROCKSTARS; we are entrepreneurs + CEOs + kid chasers + dog walkers + bike-to-work-ers + runners + jumpers + players + we simply don't have time to change costume for every activity in our crazy busy days!    

The (Ag)+(Au) collection is designed to go with you - from your morning meeting to the after school soccer game, from a dog walk at the beach to drinks with the girls (maybe with a few footwear changes).  It's designed to keep up, and stand up - to be durable and moveable and wearable and most importantly, to NOT look like a wet sock at the end of a long day.  It's designed to be dressy and casual, so that you feel right at home in every situation your day calls for.  

This also means that it is meant to be worn year round.  The collection is designed to fit seamlessly with your current wardrobe, so that you can style the Tux Pants with your favourite cozy sweater in the winter, or slides in the summer.  Tencel is light but warm, so you can wear the Racerback Dress as is in the summer, or style it with a warm cardigan, tights and boots to stay warm in the Fall. 

To me, seasonless style means versatility. It means wearability, And it means durability.  It means being able to wear your clothing the same way you live your life - with full enjoyment!!