Focus on Fibre: Polyester

Here at (Ag)+(Au) Clothing, we’ve made sustainable sourcing of our products a top business priority and philosophy. All of the clothing is made from natural and organic fibers, avoiding PVC fabrics such as polyester, spandex and nylon. We spend a lot of time touting the benefits of natural fibres for the benefit of the environment, but why do we have such a hate on for synthetics anyways? I for one do NOT hate the idea of stretch denim, and spandex sure does make yoga easier....

Well, polyester is part of the synthetic family of man-made non-biodegradable fabrics that take literally DECADES to break down in landfills and require more than 70 MILLION barrels of oil to produce each year!! Not only do we have a bad relationship with polyester for its excessive oil consumption… it’s also one of the biggest sources of micro plastic pollution in the oceans with up to 1900 fibres lost off a single garment EVERYTIME its washed!!

Okay… so now you hate polyester too. But does that mean you’ll stop purchasing or wearing the existing clothing you own just because it's made from polyester? Probably not… well not entirely! It can be hard to cut out a fabric from your life that you use so frequently, especially if you aren’t even aware that you’re wearing it (check the tag my friend - at least one garment you're wearing is made from either polyester, nylon or spandex, I guarantee it)! That’s why it’s important to remember that the transition from shitty fabrics like polyester that are killing our environment, to organic/natural fabrics like tencel, isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight (but how NICE would that be??). There’s a bunch of reasons that this can be a difficult process, like the cost or availability of natural products. Now I’m not saying you have to toss all those bad boys out, because that can be difficult and sometimes not even a good solution if it’s just being sent back out into the cycle. There are a ton of new products on the market like GUPPYFRIEND, which is a washing bag that collects the microfibres during the wash cycle and so that they can be disposed of properly after!

Someone once said to me that the BEST way to get someone to switch their buying habits to sustainable clothing products was to get them to buy that first piece! Once that first step is taken, there’s no way of avoiding how much they’ll LOVE that piece of clothing! Somehow, although it makes complete logical sense that sustainable and organic clothing would last longer due to its high quality, people are still shocked when their favourite organic cotton t-shirt has lasted them for years. This is why at (Ag)+(Au) Clothing, we choose to use fabrics that are easily recyclable and as I like to refer to as “100% full”. Using natural fabrics not only results in higher quality clothing, but it also has a substantially smaller environmental impact.

The more you know! 

xx Kait