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My Sustainability (and Fashion) Reading List!

Hello Friends!

I hope your January is going swimmingly and that you have all recovered from the massive champagne hangovers (mine lasted at least three days this year...ugh).

January tends to be a slower month; a time where everyone hunkers down to write endless lists of all they plan to accomplish this year, or tries (in vain) to keep up with the ungodly exercise schedule they bragged to all their colleagues about (really Susan, 8 days a week at the gym? Okay....)

Some prefer to hide inside, avoiding the relentless freezing rain, binge watching Black Mirror and avoiding all humans until the "New Year, New Me!" delusions wear off in February.  If this sounds more like you, and you're bombing through all those episodes of Blue Planet way faster than you planned, maybe it's time to pick up a great book?  

I've got a lot of reading to do this year, so I've made a list (because it's January, and that's what you do in January) I thought I would share it with you, juuust in case you are interested in learning more about sustainability, the fashion industry, zero waste, or if you are just looking for another excuse to stay inside this month. 

A few of these I have read already (and am including in this list because I thought they were ultra-cool), but most I haven't.  All have been suggested to me by trusted friends and colleagues, and they all come very highly recommended.   I'm always open to new suggestions too, so if you know of any great ones I'm missing, please let me know in the comments! 

*Please note: I am entirely too lazy to write a detailed description on all of these books, so I have linked each of them, and all you need to do is click on the link to learn a little more about each book! Yay!  Wins all around.  I WILL however, be posting some follow-up blogs and reviews on each book as I read through them, so if you are a cliffnotes kinda person, stay tuned!!

And now, without further ado, I present to you...

The Great 2018 Sustainability (and Fashion) Reading List! 

Oh, and one more thing, Friends, before you go:  Please Please PLEASE do your best not to buy these books off of Amazon. If you must own them, try to find them from a locally owned bookstore, like, one of those ones with seemingly random piles of books everywhere just waiting to fall on your head and a cute little old deaf man sitting behind the counter. Or, check your local library!  Just like buying your clothing from a local designer, the only way these businesses and resources will survive is if we keep using them!!

Happy Reading!

xo Kait

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