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Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry with Slow Fashion

This piece was written by sustainability and zero-waste blogger, Danielle from Sustainably Kind Living as part of a collaboration. 
I asked Danielle to style and review some of our favorite Silver and Gold pieces. The result has been some gorgeous photos and this beautiful write-up!  
Check out her incredibly informative blog or instagram page for drool-worthy recipes, wardrobe inspiration & tips on zero-waste living! 

silver and gold fashion brand
In today’s day and age, most of the clothing we wear isn’t made to last. Quite the opposite – it’s meant to be replaced often, so that fast fashion companies, chasing the low price on a tag at any cost, can make as much profit as possible. While fast fashion creates the illusion of a good deal by making the prices so low, the low quality and strong reliance on current trends ultimately end up costing you more in the long run. All this also comes with a massive environmental and ethical cost.

Slow fashion, on the other hand, focuses on making clothes that will last – that you won’t have to replace for years or decades. One of our favourite slow fashion brands is Silver and Gold clothing, which creates simple, versatile, high-quality pieces ideal for a capsule wardrobe, as you can mix and match them for so many different outfits.

A sustainability mission

Just the concept of slow fashion itself is sustainable, as it encourages keeping your clothes rather than replacing them frequently. However, Silver and Gold clothing is going a few steps further to ensure they’re garments are as planet-friendly as they can be.

Rather than using synthetic fabrics made from fossil fuels, which have become so popular with fast fashion for their low cost, Silver and Gold clothing makes use of deadstock fabrics from factories (which would otherwise be thrown away), as well as sustainable fibres including Tencel. As plastic is piling up in our landfills and the natural environment, this is an important step towards greener fashion.

They consider the environmental footprint of their garments through the whole production cycle, including the choice of tagua nut buttons instead of plastic, using non-toxic dyes which are disposed of responsibly rather than being flushed into rivers, or using recycled paper for the clothing tags and as shipping materials, sourced locally whenever possible.

Silver and Gold Clothing Organic Tencel Fashion Line

Ethically Crafted

Silver and Gold clothing is made directly in Victoria B.C., where the brand is based, as well as an ethical women-run factory FairSew in Phenom Penh, Cambodia. The latter is a facility transparent about its processes and with an open-door policy, which means that anyone in the local area can visit the factory to see how they operate.

This way, the company is providing jobs in their local area, while also raising the standard clothing is made from in countries where clothing factories are abundant but often unethical.

The Much-Needed Revolution in Fashion

It’s becoming increasingly important that we consider the impact of the clothing we buy. Slow fashion is a great way to make a change for the greener – and Silver and Gold is an amazing brand to get you started on the journey, whether you’re looking to turn towards a minimalist capsule wardrobe, or simply want to take the first few steps towards sustainability.

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