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You Guys. Something SUPER special just landed on our website. Have you heard?  It’s our newest addition to the (Ag)+(Au) fam, our ZERO-WASTE BOMBER JACKET! 

silver and gold clothing bomber jacket

I am SO BEYOND EXCITED about this jacket I can barely contain myself!

Lemmie tell you a bit about this jacket: 

THIS JACKET is made at our wonderful, women-run, ethical facility FairSew in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  Fairsew is dedicated to running their factory in an environmentally friendly way, and they do that through a few different processes. One way is by sourcing deadstock materials for their clients - fabric that would otherwise be sent to landfill is re-routed to their factory to become beautiful items like our personal fave, The Ryan blouse.  They also are careful not to dump post-production textiles into landfill, which means that they keep all their cut-scraps from production - needless to say those scraps pile up quickly! 

Here at Silver and Gold, we have been trying to come up with interesting ways to create zero-waste garments, and so last year we came up with a challenge for the amazing women of Fairsew - would it be possible to create NEW fabric out of all the fabric scraps lying around?? 

Now, anybody who has ever sewn, or anybody who has ever quilted, knows that this is not a small request. Fabric scraps come in all shapes and sizes and sewing them together to create a flat-laying piece of fabric takes an act of patience far greater than I will ever know and requires skills which I will never possess.  But BRAVO to the women at Fairsew, because they took on this challenge and they KILLED IT. The results are far, far, far better than I could ever hope for, and somehow they actually managed to turn my little request into a very *cool* piece of clothing! 

Behold, The BOMBER. 

The first edition features a 100% cotton ikat that has been hand-woven and hand-dyed by families in rural Cambodia. I found this fabric while shopping in Phnom Penh and could NOT leave it behind, but I could only get my hands on 15m, which means these Ikat Bombers are truly one of a kind. Hopefully in the future I will be able to create more, but for now, there are only 4 of these in existance and I think that is pretty cool. 

They are lined with the zero-waste patchwork fabric, and the soft interior is made of deadstock cotton batting.  A cotton ribbing lines the wrists and neckline, and a metal zipper closure means that this garment is keeping with our 100% plastic free fashion goal as well! Whoop! 

silver and gold clothing bomber jacket

The Black Bombers are made entirely from the zero-waste deadstock fabric. Because these were a bit of an experiment, they are also limited edition, and will *only* be available on the website!  The Black Bombers also feature a metal zip, cotton batting interior and cotton ribbing. These pieces are also machine washable! Making them a suuuuper versatile garment to take you from day to night. 

I truly hope you are as excited about these pieces as I am, and if you are curious to hear more about our journey to become zero-waste and plastic-free, just shoot me an email! As always, I love to chat ALL things sustainable fashion! 

xx  Kait

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