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#ENDIT - The Movement to End Modern Slavery

February 7th is the international day to #ENDIT.  Modern slavery & human trafficking, that is.  The #enditmovement was born to raise awareness and share resources about modern slavery, across all industries.  Of course, my specialty is the fashion industry, so I'm sharing fashion-specific resources.  If you're interested in learning more about the #enditmovement in general, I suggest heading to their website where they also share a ton of great resources and ways to get involved.

If you're interested in learning more about the Fashion Industries impact on modern slavery and human trafficking (hint: it's huge) here are some great resources to check out for yourself:


Slave to Fashion by Safia Minney

Threadbare: Clothes, Sex and Trafficking by Anne Elizabeth Moore

Clothing Poverty by Andrew Brooks


BLOGS AND ARTICLES: - The Fashion Industry and Modern Slavery

BK Design Accelerator - 9 Ways Women are being Abused in the Fashion Industry 

Walk Free Foundation - great resource to learn about what Modern Slavery entails

Global Slavery Index



1. Put your money where your mouth is!  Only buy from brands you trust and who are transparent with their supply chain, manufacturing details etc.

2. Ask WHO MADE MY CLOTHES? Over and over and over and over.....brands will get the message! 

3. Buy less, buy better.  Less demand for fast fashion = less fast fashion produced = less use of slave labour

4. START CONVERSATIONS!  Now that you're hip to all this, share what you've learnt with your friends and family! We can start a global movement towards happy, healthy, fair fashion if we all work together! 








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